Spiritual Health is the key to Mental Health

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SpiritualityĀ is all important to HSPs

In honor of Elaine Aron and her important work about and for highly sensitive people, we areĀ offeringĀ the AYHS Spirituality and Sensitivity minicourse.
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In order to live our best lives, especially when the world is in chaos, sensitive people need spiritual practice and sacred space. I try to imagine how long the world has been chaotic, but I think we have to agree it has been overwhelming out there for a very long time, years or even decades.

I have been wondering for a while about our collective spiritual health as sensitives. This project was conceived in theĀ Spring, especially April, because it is a period of major religious and cultural holidays celebrated in much of the world (primarily thinking of Easter, Ramadan, and Passover) and it is nestled between the pagan holidays of Spring Equinox and Beltane (May Day). Themes of spirituality reverberate through meĀ and through the world in spring. But always, I feel myself drawn toward reverence and ritual to soothe my sensitive soul.

Sanctuary is a safe place, both external and internal, where we return time and again with reverence for our spiritual health as highly sensitive people. I hope this course will be a kind of sanctuary for your sensitive soul.

Are you finding enough sanctuary in your life? What does it look like? Is it the proverbial shaman’s hut I always recommend? Or maybe it’s time away and by yourself. Sanctuary can even be found in a hug with a loved one or a furry family member, or perhaps, by retreating deeply into your own inner life.

Spiritual practice is one of the most important keys to designing a life compatible with the brain and nervous system of a highly sensitive person. It can look like anything you can imagine, but it is not optional for thriving as a highly sensitive person.

What are your spiritual rituals?

I invite you to join me in a 30 day Spirituality and Sensitivity practice. We will engage in an exploration of spiritual practices each day for a month. I will share my favorite tools and rituals so that you may borrow them or have inspiration to create your own. If you have a religious practice around an upcoming holiday, I encourage you to move into that practice. Read more, study with a teacher, ask questions of others and yourself, pray, and sit in reverence, listening, breathing, and meditating.

Would you invest $1 a day in your spiritual health? That is the price of this minicourse. $30 for 30 days. However, at Are You Highly Sensitive, we practice Sustainable Economy. Creating sustainability in our sensitive community is all important to us, so there are three different levels of investment. Paying moreĀ supports those who can afford less ($10-20).Ā Please choose the amount that feels right to you. We honor you and respect your decision.

Start your Spiritual Journey

As you engage in this mini course, I invite you to take a new meditation class concurrently. It is easy to find one by using any app or YouTube channel you like to study and practice for 10 minutes or so at least 5 days in a row before you decide if it works for you or not, better yet, do it the whole 30 days. (Of course, if you have a consistent mediation practice already, please do that and take note of how it is serving you or what you might like to change.)

There is no one right way to be spiritually healthy. It’s about using your deep processing and deep noticing to find, design, and prioritize your spiritual health

Bottom Line:

Spiritual health is the key to mental health for highly sensitive people.